Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Approach to Tags

I had planned to do a batch of tags last night but I got distracted by pictures that called out to me to make a collage!  I didn't finish the collage and I was disappointed because it seemed as if the entire night had flown by and I had gotten nothing accomplished.  Then I got the idea to try to transfer an image onto a tag. I've been struggling to get transferring "right" and have often had images that were only partially successful.  The advantage of doing a tag is the small size of the surface.

So I rummaged through my file of pictures and found an ad that contained some floral trim along the edge.  I cut out the flowers to use them on the transfer.  I used Gloss Medium as the base for the transfer.  I smeared a bit of the medium all over the tag, then I placed the floral image faace down on the tag.  I used an old credit card to smooth the surface and set it aside to dry.  The first picture shows the transfer at this stage, Stage 1.

This morning, (instead of getting ready for work!) I moistened the tag with plain water.  Once the paper backing was wet, I was able to use my fingers to rub it off.  What remained was the image you see in Stage 2.  It's almost finished.  You can tell when all the paper backing has been removed because there is a smoother feel to the tag.  When it dries, there is more color to the image.  There is a very light cloudy film in a few places.  The final step will be to coat the tag with clear medium to make it shiny and eliminate the cloudy patches.  I could also color the glossy medium with a pale tint of red if I wanted to make the entire tag have more color.  But I think I will quit while I am ahead!!

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