Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Operation Write Home

I just sent off a batch of 10 cards to Operation Write Home.  Some were for Mother's Day and some were just "Thinking of You" cards.  So far, I've sent 28 cards to Operation Write Home.  Not a whole lot, but the number is growing.  I hope that the soldiers enjoy receiving my cards.  I like the idea that someone in a faraway place will benefit from them.

I wish that I got more cards!  Luckily, my birthday was on Monday so I got birthday cards in the mail.  But some of my friends and family didn't send cards and either called me or texted me.  While I enjoy getting phone calls and cards, the birthday text message just doesn't have the same long-lasting vibration attached to it.  It's a "quickie", which is better than nothing, but it's just a little blip.  A real card lasts and lasts.  For example, this morning as I rushed around getting ready to get out of the house to go to work, I noticed one of my birthday cards sitting on a table.  Immediately I was reminded of my cousin and I felt all warm and fuzzy.  I like to save the cards with really nice wording or pretty fronts.  I even have a stash of cards from 10 years ago.  The stash includeds cards from my grandmother and my aunt, who are both deceased now.  Yet, they remain in my memory when I see the card and look at their handwriting on it and read the special phrases that they wrote.  No text message can go that far for me.

So the soldiers who use my cards to write to their loved ones will really be sending mementos that their family can hold onto for years to come.  And I'm a part of that!

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