Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Beginning

I discovered handmade greeting cards about a year ago when I saw a book about making cards at the library.  One book opened a door to a whole new outlet for my creativity!  Since then I have discovered a multitude of books full of beautiful greeting cards, I started using rubber stamps to make my cards, and I have finally begun to make cards that reflect my own artistic voice.  I've been able to use some of the training that I've acquired as an artist to make uniquely artistic cards.  I'm so happy that I can work with a card and get a good end result now.  In the beginning there was so much to learn...paper cutting, stamping and embossing, even where to go for supplies.  (Ebay is my best friend!!)  I was frustrated because I was looking at cards that I wanted to make and I didn't have all of the materials or the right stamps.  It took a while for me to begin to be able to really use what I had access to.  Now I have some favorite supplies and techniques.  I love embossing cards and I love working with tags.  Tags are great because you can make a pretty tag in minutes.  So now I can access my art muse in seconds and make a tag!

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